Alessandro Puccia


Images of a frozen drop of water photographed under a microscope.


Alessandro is an Italian artist who transmits the language of water through photography.

He was born in 1990 in Varese, where he currently lives.

His artistic career began in a particular moment of his life, when he was diagnosed with a serious illness.

Following this event, he undertook a work of introspection and research on the water of his own body.

Water, as the founding element of life, was for him a tool for understanding what was happening to him.

Through research, he found the way to communicate with water and through water, discovering that it has a memory that allows to record words, music, images, vibrations, frequencies, thoughts: the crystals are his language.

To date, in his collection there are more than 1500 water samples.

His art intends to focus on the importance that water has in our body: the simplicity of drinking a glass of water can become a gesture capable of introducing messages in our body.

During his journey to find himself Alessandro participated in 2016 in a basic shamanism seminar first step that led him to experience deeper dialogues with his spirit guides and directed him towards his spiritual path.

With Olga Porqueras, recognized in Spain as one of the greatest experts in communication and therapy with animals, he achieved the first level of communicator in telepathy in 2017 and the second level in 2019. In 2018 he carried out, also with Olga, a course on the understanding of life and death.

He exhibited at the International Congress on Frequencies organized by Krisztina Nemeth in 2019 in Trieste.

He has followed several training courses with the flower therapist and researcher Giulia Linati.

He is an Om Chanting organizer for the Bhakti Marga movement..


Vibrational paths for groups or individuals

It is an installation made with the images of crystals, aimed at arousing interaction between the visitor and the work.

This path allows you to have a moment of reflection and internalization that allows you to listen to the water of your body and reflect on the sensations received.

From the collection of all the waters, some images carrying specific frequencies have been selected.

The images of water convey messages on an intellectual and emotional level, in addition, through the water of the body that vibrates in resonance, to the physical level. The water of our body, in fact, is an extraordinary mirror of any positive or negative frequency that resonates with us. It sends us back this frequency, making us feel emotions.

Communication in telepathy with animals

Create a true dialogue between animal and man. 

Enter into a relationship of understanding that leads both to grow together.

 Take the opportunity to listen to the teachings that your companion has to offer you.

Support the soul of the animal, understanding the fundamental moments of life and offer support at the moment of death by supporting the transition.

Method: Olga Porqueras – Doula del Alma – Comunicadora Animal

OM Chanting

The OM Chanting circle is a group practice that uses the transformative power of OM to activate the potential for self-healing in participants. In addition to the personal benefits we receive, OM Chanting can also be a service to humanity.

The vibrational waves created by the practice of OM Chanting in fact propagate for a radius of 2 km, creating a harmonious and peaceful environment of unity between man and nature. OM continues to resonate in the bodies of participants after the circle, allowing them to share the good vibrations wherever they go.

Yoga e meditazione – Bhakti Marga

Guided tours to discover therapeutic water sources

Places where legends and ancient stories about the healing properties of water were shared, but not only: wells built in ancient times to allow to draw benefit and power from water, monasteries, churches and sacred places guardians of waters with very high frequencies of light, given by the apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The very high vibrations, which are the essence of these waters, are able to give help to the spirit (energetic body) and therefore to influence positively also the physical body.

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Alessandro observes nature and understands its hidden language through a deep connection with the most subtle aspects that permeate every form of life. His passion for the element of water has led him to study its characteristics in depth, to discover its hidden message, and to develop a true art form. His works, the result of a particular technique, show perfect geometric patterns that bring back to the eyes and heart of those who admire them that sense of wonder that has been lost: how much life and how much information can be contained in a drop of water? In front of one of Alessandro's works, you go beyond the simple image and it's a continuous penetration into secret worlds that belong, even unconsciously, to every living being.
Alessandro Puccia is an all-round artist who knows how to convey the greatness of Light when it meets water through his works. The mastery that this young artist has reached enchants the eyes and the heart of those who contemplate his works, revealing wise energies that harmonize the soul. The inner path that led Alessandro to be a messenger of water is full of adventurous experiences that the artist has been able to accept in the depths of his soul. These experiences have forged his soul making him ready to pay homage to the world with an intense work that manifests itself through a path made up of images that envelop the senses. His art speaks to the heart, a sacred place in which a dialogue is born that expands to the whole body involving every part. His works really deserve a special attention that goes beyond the forms, overcomes the sensations and arrives where we would not have dared to be. Thank you Alessandro for the gift you give us.
Meeting Alessandro was not a coincidence. I needed to get closer to a less rational and active dimension that I had left aside for a long time. Questions that cannot be answered with certainty sometimes open up airy spaces capable of containing everything. The first meeting with Alessandro was informal and very spontaneous, enough to make me understand how much generosity and authenticity he had inside. Being able to observe one of his photographed crystals, the one that you feel most akin to in that moment, is as rich and profitable as activating a deep meditation. I found myself leaving, after his meetings, with the wonderful feeling of feeling "smooth inside". Thank you Ale!
A journey into the heart and spirit.
Olivia Dyuti Dasi
Images that read you inside, connected with my body and took me on a deep and intense journey bringing me great energy. Thank you Alessandro.
Water contains and conveys messages, as Masaru Emoto teaches us, that can be modified according to what it comes into contact with... This is what Alessandro Puccia tells us through his fascinating artistic project. His works reveal what is hidden in a water crystal. The different shapes derived from existing sources in nature or imprinted in the water by thoughts of harmony, joy, peace, love... introduce us to the discovery of a world of subtle energies and vibrations, with which, if we look with the eyes, but also and above all with the heart, we will get in touch: we will draw strength, well-being and healing. Alessandro's crystals reflect the Light that he carries within himself and that constantly illuminates his path. Thank you for letting us participate...